tenebrous worm


These insect-like predators inhabit the Plane of Shadow and can be found in all regions of the plane, though they are more common in forested areas. They seek warm-blooded prey, though they are hesitant to attack creatures larger than themselves. It is the larvae stage of the gloomwing moth.

The tenebrous worm resembles a huge, partially bare caterpillar. The front of the body is covered with lusterless black bristles, while the hind parts are a wet, nauseating gray color. The many faceted eyes reflect the half-light of the Plane of Shadow with a luminous glimmer. Pearl white mandibles flank its gaping maw. These tusk-like weapons are quite beautiful if cut into sheets and inlaid. They have a value of 500 to 1,500 gold pieces per set.

A tenebrous worm is a formidable opponent and attacks with its vicious and poisonous bite. The head and upper body are covered with many small bristles that will, if contacted, cause paralysis for a few seconds and death immediately after the paralysis wears off.

tenebrous worm

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