Suki is the biggest port of Amawa island in Keshiki. While many products pass through this port, they mostly export iron and steel bars to Ching and Dastana. The highest quality steel comes from Mt Fuego to the north. Boats to the main land mass of Keshiki, Keshuna can be chartered frequently in the shipping and docks district.

A bustling metropolis, it is said that anything you want can be found here for a price. This may well be true as many of the local establishments are connected to pocket dimensions that can satisfy any taste. The dark underbelly of Suki is not really that well hidden, and it is not uncommon to be accosted by drug peddlers, companions, or disreputable deals of wares. As a result of the darker side of Suki, there is a thriving business for guards in the shops and warehouses, but typically the guards will abandon their posts at the first sign of any serious trouble.

Large City (Population 19,000)

Amawa Island of Keshiki.

=Departing Roads=
East (3 days) – Bichi

Districts, Shops, and interesting locations

Associated People/Groups
Sword and Pike Guard Service – Guards for Hire
Lesko Broaden – Special Jobs – West Suki Trading Company
Lana – Lady of the Night
Trevor Silver – Employee of Shipshape Shipping
Mickey Smith – Employee of Shipshape Shipping
Mack Boatwright – Dockmaster
Pete Toohi – Former dockmaster – Died in a drowning accident



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