A stirge resembles a giant mosquito about the size of a house cat, being one foot long and half a foot wide and tall. It has a set of four, leathery, bat-like wings with a span of two feet. It has a long, sharp proboscis, a short tail, barbed legs, and a row of short, curly hairs along the spine. Stirge coloration ranges from brown to rust-red, with the proboscis being pale pink.

The stirge, like a mosquito, needs blood to survive. It finds victims, and then desperately latches onto them with its legs and pincers before finding a weak spot and driving its deadly proboscis in. It sucks out the blood, causing a long, painful, irritating death. If the victim dies before the Stirge’s hunger is quenched, it detaches and finds a new victim. Though they grip onto their victims very excruciatingly, a good blow can detach it.

These magical beasts typically organize into colonies of two to four creatures, flocks of five to eight, or storms of up to fourteen creatures.


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