The wererat god, Squerrik is lawful evil aligned. His realm is called Cheisin on the Plane of Bleak Eternity.

He normally appears in his hybrid humanoid rat form. Squerrik’s realm of Cheisin is an endless series of trap-infested burrows and tunnels located on the plane of Gehenna. He is a member of the Were Pantheon.

Squerrik has been described as physically weak and cowardly, constantly seeking protective magic and disguises to hold imagined enemies at bay. He doesn’t care much for his shamans, providing them with little additional support beyond the standard grant of spellcasting ability and expecting them to be capable of protecting themselves.

Classification: Deity
God of the Wererats
Portfolio: Thievery, Disguise, and Concealment
Homeplane: Plane of Bleak Eternity
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Allies: None
Enemies: Balador, Ferrix, Raxivort

Known Significant Temples

Famous Followers of Squerrik


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