Southeast Fort


The Southeast Fort was one of the eight forts of the Trezna Defensive Ring. This fort was completed in 372 HR and became fully operational with its sister forts in 375 HR. For nearly two millennia the threats the fort faced were minimal. A handful of raids by barbaric humanoids and a few drow raids, most of which occurred in its first millennium of its operation.

Over time the officers in charge of the fort, with little to do, began to gather books there so they could have some civilized entertainment. In order to keep their archives safe, they made sure the stockpile of knowledge was underground and enchanted the entrance to be visible to only elves and completely invisible to drow and all other races.

Over the years, an informal force of rangers and scouts worked hard with the fort’s cartographer to generate detailed maps of the surrounding area. Rumor has it that they discovered several passages into the Underdark which we carefully recorded on several maps of the area.

The last major action the fort saw before its destruction was in 1591 HR. A massive drow raid came against the South Fort, which by now had been renamed Bounty. They sent troops to assist their sister fort and, led by the high priestess of Shevarash Salariel, were successful in repelling the invaders. The victory was not without cost, however, and many elves and the priestess was lost along with her mighty bow.

In 2297 HR an overwhelming force of drow attacked the fort. Most of the defenders were killed, but a few made it back to Trezna. While significant forces were mobilized, the drow threat never materialized. It seemed the only goal of the attack was to destroy the fort. According to some careful spying by a local ranger the drow, after destroying the fort, brought in some sort of necromancer to thoroughly defile and curse the ruins of it.

=Recent Events=
Recently a team from the Protectors returned to the ruins of the fort. They fought their way through the ruins’ guards and new occupants, discovering several things of interest there. Purportedly they discovered some maps there as well, all in a hidden library beneath the fort’s foundation.

Southern part of the Elvish Northlands, one day’s travel southeast of Trezna.

Sparkfinger Dwindledrop
Azaeladew Dwindledrop
Hogie Quintestca
Slog Ogrebane

Nearby Settlements
Trezna and Bounty

Southeast Fort

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