These aberrations were originally a nearly mindless worm like predator. At some point in the past some nameless sorcerer discovered a way to transform them into their current, horrid configuration.

Most slasraths are jet black with occasional examples that are gray or green. They have sinuous, worm like bodies with large, razor edged wings that run the length of the body, giving them the appearance of a narrow manta ray. These wings are capable of slicing through flesh, armor, and even stone. They have a lamprey like mouth that is located on their dorsal side. Their tails are long and whip like with a sharp, poisoned barb at its tip.

Created through ancient incantations, most slashraths serve as flying mounts for yugoloths. They are magically controlled and outfitted with special harness to allow their masters to ride and control them. Occasionally they will throw their master and escape into the wild, especially during the heat of battle when their rider is distracted.


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