Sir Ramirez


Sir Ramirez Montoya Montlebon Quiote Sebastian De La Cristo (? HR – Present)

Ramirez was born on the continent of Aebios.

He was born to a noble and wealthy family and was the oldest of three children. Two boys and 1 girl. He grew up learning courtly graces but was not very good at them. Was a rebellious child. He grew up a happy child. No tragedy that usually accompanies an adventurer.

When he turned 11 years of age he was sent as were all noble boys to a military academy. He learned to fight and to wear armor. Upon graduation, he was knighted and joined the standing army. While there he learned to ride a horse..poorly. He learned to fight with a shield and with a mace. He was always partial to the feel of a mace as opposed to a sword. He learned to shoot a crossbow. He spends 5 years at the academy training and another 3 squired to a Sir Alton Brown. After his 3 years were up he was knighted.

Now at the age of 19. He spent the next 2 years service in the Army. No wars broke out so was peaceful. Minor local squabbles or land disputes. He returned home at the age of 21. His sister was married to another wealthy and important family, as was the custom. He brother had been at the academy now for 5 years and was just about to become a squire in his own right. His mother and father were still landowners and still part of the court.

After a couple of months. The lady Azana came to town. There had been a poor harvest that year due to a group of outlanders who had been slowly poisoning the water supply. Lady Azana heard the plea of the noble houses and got Justice and Retribution for us restoring the water. In payment for her deeds. I was sent to follow her. I began to develop a strong connection with her and my power grew. Eventually, I started to travel alone in her name. Bringing her word and her kindness to others in need. I currently still follow her to this new land. And am prepared to aid her and her word in whatever way I can.

Continent – Aebios
Large Hamlet – Edinburgh

Lady Azana
Lynette Azalia
Tharr Minemelter
Xaxis Salizar

Last Known Location

Sir Ramirez

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