Sir Igneous


Sir Igneous

Sir Igneous was a retired fighter adventurer. He is currently in the service of a powerful and mysterious baron by the name of Lord Simon. Igneous follows orders without question which is why he is the most trusted of the people who work directly for Lord Simon. Igneous usually is the one who approaches adventurers with jobs for Lord Simon.

Sir Igneous can usually be found in the inn in Hayfield relaxing when hes not doing something for Lord Simon. He is a respected man in the community and is at least moderately well known in the region from his adventuring days.

In 2316 HR, on behalf of his master Lord Simon, Sir Igneous hired a group of adventurers to go on a quest for the Iridescent Globe.

Lord Simon – Igneous’s employer.

Last Known Location
Hayfield in the Western Versat Human Territories.

Sir Igneous

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