A shugenja is a divine magic user who follows a tradition of elemental focus foreign to the land of Versat. They are able to spontaneously cast their spells without preparing them ahead of time.

The shugenja tradition originated in the eastern land of Keshiki and has made its way to Versat through the large eastern port city of Ching. In its homeland, shugenja orders exist seperate from each other, focusing on their favored elements. However, in Versat these orders are not well established; they have, instead, joined together as one order with no official name but commonly called simply the Order of the Elements. This group exists somewhere in the wilderness in the Eastern Versat Human Territories and they accept followers of any element, allowing them to specialize in any of the orders established in Keshiki.

Keshiki Orders
Order of the All-Seeing Eye
Order of the Consuming Flame
Order of the Forbidding Wasteland
Order of the Gentle Rain
Order of the Impenetrable Crucible
Order of the Ineffable Mystery
Order of the Perfect Sculpture
Order of the Spring Zephyr

Versat Order
Order of the Elements

Famous Shugenja
Sparkfinger Dwindledrop
Azaeladew Dwindledrop



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