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The goddess of night, Shar is neutral evil aligned. She is known as Dark Goddess, Lady of Loss, Mistress of the Night, and the Nightsinger. Her realm is called the Palace of Loss and exists on the Plane of Shadow.

Loss is the nature of Shar. One of the Dark Gods, she is a deeply twisted and perverse being of ineffable evil and endless petty hatred and jealousy. She rules over pains hidden but not forgotten, bitterness carefully nurtured away from the light and from others, and quiet revenge for any slight, no matter how old. She is said to have the power to make her devout followers forget their pain, yet what occurs is that they become inured to the loss, treating it as a common and natural state of being. The basic inanity of life and foolishness of hope are the cornerstones of Shar’s being. She revels in the concealed, in that which is hidden, never to be revealed. She can always clearly perceive every being, object, and act performed within darkness.

In temples, representations of the goddess are either a black sphere outlined in racing, magically animated flames of purple or paintings of a beautiful human with long, raven-black hair dressed in swirling dark garb. She smiles coldly and her large eyes have black pupils and are otherwise solid purple.

Shar is the mortal enemy of her sister Selûne and battles her ceaselessly on any planes through mortal worshipers and servitor creatures. The undying enmity between the two goddesses is older than recorded time.

Shar frequently manifests as amorphous tendrils of darkness where there should be none. These tendrils swirl and writhe constantly and are surrounded by a purple aura. Such darkness sometimes has a single steadily gazing purple eye at its heart, but even if this orb is absent, beings within the darkness always feel the ceaseless regard of a fell awareness. These tendrils of darkness can touch the faithful and transmit messages from Shar directly to their minds, indicate items of importance or direction, or grant numbness and the ability to ignore pain. The tendrils do not heal just allow the faithful to continue on until they drop dead of fatigue or accumulated injury. Shar also works through darktentacles, death tyrants, and mysterious shadow monsters, using them as messengers, guards, and enforcers of her will.

Among her array of twisted powers is the ability to see everything that lies or happens in the dark. Shar’s symbol is a black disk with a deep purple border. She is also the creator of the Shadow Weave, meant as a counterpart and to foil the Weave, controlled by Mystra, the goddess of magic.

The clergy of Shar is a secretive organization that pursues subversive tactics rather than direct confrontation with its rivals. In addition to her clerics, Shar maintains an elite order of sorcerer monks who can tap Shar’s Shadow Weave. Shar holds power over all who use the Shadow Weave.

Dark Justicars – In order to gain admittance to the order of the Dark Justicars, a priest of Shar has to have killed a priest of Selûne.

Order of the Dark Moon – Shar’s secretive monastic order is referred to as the Order of the Dark Moon. They tap into the Shadow Weave through their powers of sorcery.

Nightbringers – The Nightbringers are an elite Sharran force. They are spirits that infest hosting bodies, possessing them and using the bodies as puppets. Once one is infected with a Nightbringer that person fuses to being as one with the Nightbringer gaining the strength and beauty of Shar. Only females are selected as hosts for the Nightbringers.

The creation of the Shadow Weave has made Shar the eternal enemy of the goddess of magic, Mystra. This has resulted in the brewing of a terrible war between these two powerful deities. By her very nature, however, she is opposed to powers of light, the unsecretive Shaundakul, and her own sister. Her only frequent ally is Talona, who may eventually serve Shar to stave off the predations of Loviatar.

Shar is the dark twin of Selûne. She has battled her sister since shortly after their creation. Their primordial feud has resulted in the creation of many other deities. Rather than overtly confronting other deities, Shar seeks to gain power by subverting mortal worshipers to her faith.

Reveal secrets only to fellow members of the faithful. Never follow hope or turn to promises of success. Quench the light of the moon (agents and items of Selûne) whenever you find it, and hide from it when you cannot prevail. The dark is a time to act, not wait. It is forbidden to strive to better your lot in life or to plan ahead save when directly overseen by the faithful of the Dark Deity. Consorting with the faithful of good deities is a sin except in business dealings or to corrupt them from their beliefs. Obey and never speak out against ranking clergy unless it would result in your own death.

Classification: Deity
Goddess of Night
Domains: Cavern, Darkness, Evil, Knowledge
Portfolio: Dark, Night, Loss, Forgetfulness, Unrevealed Secrets, Caverns, Dungeons, and the Underdark.
Homeplane: Plane of Shadow
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Allies: Talona
Enemies: Selûne, Mystra, Shaundakul

Famous Followers of Shar
Erart Mirt of the Shadowvar

Significant Temples


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