shadow fiend


This humanoid has skin the color of the darkest onyx covering its body. It is completely devoid of any hair and it has long, swept-back ears similar to an elf. Small, black, leathery bat wings are on its back, suggesting this creature can fly but not very well. Its hands end in claws that seem to swirl with shadows and its eyes lack any definition, seeming to be oily pools of utter darkness.

Shadow fiends dwell in the Abyss and when they are encountered on the Material Plane, they are almost always found alone. Their passionate hatred for mortals prevents them from ever serving a powerful wizard or cleric that may be able to summon them and their betraying nature prevents them from serving other, more powerful fiends and demons. Thus, shadow fiends are mostly solitary creatures that attack anything and everything they can find, draining away the very life force of their enemies.

There are some rumors that tell shadow fiends are in fact an offshoot race of death fiends, a more powerful race of fiends with ties to energy draining abilities. However, shadow fiends have not shown any connection to the undead.

Shadow fiends are about five and a half feet tall and weigh around 200 pounds. Although they seem small, their natural strength sometimes gets the better of enemies who underestimate them. Shadow fiends speak Abyssal, Common, Draconic, and Elven.

shadow fiend

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