Seraph Journal 62

The following is a translation of an entry from Seraphs journal. The original was written in a Celestial dialect and some meaning may have been lost in the translation.

Seraphs’s Journal
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Monastery Momentum

After squeaks left, some of our other party members decided the mission wasn’t in their best interest. We lost 3 including Trilick, Havy, and Bastet.

I requested from the commander three additional recruits. The request was granted and I briefed Jerry, Mara-kay, and Caelynna on the mission we were setting out on.

We headed out in the direction of the monastery of the monks that supposedly train wolves. We were of course waylayed, this time by Kobolds. I’m not surprised, I’m pretty sure that we have a leak in the organization.

We almost lost Kava during the battle and decided to spend the rest of the day and evening taking it easy. I set up a Eye of Alarm ritual and we settled into bed. Of course it wasn’t to be so peaceful. One of my alarms awoke us, and it wasn’t quite apparent what had set off the alarm initially. It appeared that we set up camp in the migration path of some monstrous frog creatures which promptly ate our ranger.

Kobold Ambush: 150 * 6

Seraph Journal 62

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