Seraph Journal 61

The following is a translation of an entry from Seraphs journal. The original was written in a Celestial dialect and some meaning may have been lost in the translation.

Seraphs’s Journal
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Caveward Ho

We continued looking around the cave that we had snuck into. There appears to be a hole with arm holds in it that we might have to climb down. We went down the hole and got into the raft we found. After we went down the river in the questionable raft, I fell overboard and just about drowned. We found ourselves at the bottom of a waterfall. After getting out of the water, we were waylayed by trained wolves sent towards us by some humanoid.

I just about drowned again, maybe I don’t know how to swim. We cleaned up the trained wolves and raided an abandoned camp. We found some stuff and then headed back to the town we are stationed out of.

We made arrangements at the town for Squeaks to be introduced at the Spoonmen base. We also parted with Havy who seemed interested in pursuing some other lead on his own.

Xp: (2025) 337 each with 3 left over
(1) Skill Challenge= 625
(2) Swimming Wolves = 175*7 , 175

7 Reds

Seraph Journal 61

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