Seraph Journal 60

The following is a translation of an entry from Seraphs journal. The original was written in a Celestial dialect and some meaning may have been lost in the translation.

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Walking About

Squeek the goblin that we rescued from some wolves seemed eager to speak with us about what has been going on around the area. A fortunate occurrence for sure. He carries with him a more detailed map including some of the areas we didn’t know much about from our own map.

We decided to head for a cave marked on the newer map. First though we took the time to sit down to rest for the day so we would be refreshed when our journey continued. Unfortunately a restful sleep was not in the cards for us. Apparently we laid down in the middle of the migration area of a pack of wolves. We had to put the poor creatures down. They were frenzied for some reason and there was no other way to get them under control.

The rest of the night was uneventful. We continued on our way as refreshed as possible. The trip was of course interrupted still, but we were better prepared at least then a sudden wake up call by what I can only describe as an undwarf-like high pitched scream from the dwarf.

We came across a den of wolves with some red skinned ones. We fought and fought. Tactics win the day today. Me and the gnome had a good time playing off each others abilities. I hope we’ll work together in such a fashion.

We arrived at the cave. Entrance into the cave seemed to give us a little bit of pause.

Exp: 6 ways(3350) = 558 each, 2 extra
625, 300, 350
150*4(600) 175*3(525)

Redundant on Theresa’s List
18 Wolf pelts
5 Red wolf pets

Seraph Journal 60

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