Seraph Journal 59

The following is a translation of an entry from Seraphs journal. The original was written in a Celestial dialect and some meaning may have been lost in the translation.

Seraphs’s Journal
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Clean Up

I did some research in town to try to find someone that could read goblin. I found a seasoned adventurer that took the time to try to interpret the goblin symbols. Apparently the wolves have been run out of their land.

We’ve decided to try to find the wolves and follow their tracks back to whats running them out.

We didn’t get very far before we got waylayed by some bandits. They weren’t very well prepared. We killed them sustaining only a little bit of injuries, mostly in self defense. They were bad men no doubt, and deserved the fate they were delivered. Among their posessions, we were able to recover some sort of robe. Under further investigation, we found it was a Robe of Contingency +1. Trillick seems interested in the robe, which should provide a little more protection to him.

We continued on and came across some sort of goblin brigade. We attacked them without any noticable provocation by the goblins. Are we to assume that by their very nature they are evil creatures that do not deserve to live upon this land or are we nothing more then on the flip side of an ambiguous moral standard, where we are the evil creatures attacking the just? Questions to consider for sure, answers I have not discerned yet. Perhaps our path will make things clearer. None the less, we dropped the brigade with little difficulty. How will this pan out for us?

We came across some elf maidens in distress. Apparently our group reacts to danger by climbing trees. The brute weapon wielders are going to stay below and beat things as they do so well. But then those maidens, they proved to be a pair of dryads that aren’t very happy that we’re there. They attacked us, I guess we can defend ourselves without a worrisome thought. I’ll try to coax them into halting their assault just in case this is some sort of misunderstanding, like we’ve wandered into opposing dryad gang territory wearing opposing dryad gang colors. It was not an easy battle and we almost lost Havy, but a lesson learned for sure. Question everything.

I weep a little. Bad puns can kill.

(1)Robe of Contingency+1 – Trillick

1) 124, 500,150
2) 125.500
3) 800
4) 125*4, 150
Group XP (1399): 774, 625, 800, 650
which is (570)

Seraph Journal 59

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