Seraph Journal 57

The following is a translation of an entry from Seraphs journal. The original was written in a Celestial dialect and some meaning may have been lost in the translation.

Seraphs’s Journal
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Special Mission 1

Mayor Timothy Weaver requested us to find Hank Taylor, a council man who fancies himself an adventurer, though hes not, and idiocy runs rampant in his blood. Nephew of the Mayor I hear.

Demised – little reward
Back alive – Big Reward
Back alive and finish the goblins – Largest Reward
I like treasure.

Did I ever mention I hate goblins? I think I have some sort of allergy maybe.

And they sure are coming out of the woodwork today. Seriously, I can’t believe we managed to get all of the miners to their camp with the rampant goblin attacks. We must have stepped into a goblin nest and riled up some the whole hive.

Seraph Journal 57

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