Schmendrick the Magnificent Entry 013

Today was the funeral. It was a sad event but we all tried to be strong. The eulogy given by the priest was brief but heartfelt; the people of Blarg truly considered Cedric as one of their own, even if he never returned their affection.

There was a druid at the funeral I did not recognize. Never quite caught his name but I will have to look him up soon. With his sensitivity to nature, perhaps he can help us find the necromancer that raised the ogre that killed Cedric and let us get revenge and justice for his death.

After a bit of soul searching, I took young Zgord aside and gave him half of the winnings from the drinking contest. After all, he did all the work- the least I could do is share the wealth.

As I was talking to him it became apparent that he wasn’t aware of a lot of the monies that had come his way. Finally, the mystery was revealed- he had a familiar. A weasel named Twiz that apparently has a taste for shiny things. After he cleaned out the little critter’s stash, it was time to go shopping.

He actually got a grab bag at the magic shop. I imagine all of those devices and potions will come in handy over the days ahead…

It looks like Alice and Zgord are going to be training for the next few days. I wish I had such activities to occupy my mind. I guess, in two days time, we’ll figure out where to go next. We have completed our first mission- the caves have been purged.

What tomorrow holds I know not, but I know with Pelor’s light and Miach’s example I will prevail!

-Schmendrick the Magnificent: Short in stature, tall in power, narrow of purpose, and wide of vision


28th of Mezzo, 2318 HR

Schmendrick’s Journal

(Page 12)

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Schmendrick the Magnificent Entry 013

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