Schmendrick the Magnificent Entry 012

Today was a sad day and a happy one- an ally fell but I saw the hand of Pelor reach down to save the rest of us. But let’s start at the beginning…

We discovered that Alice was looking for a special book called the Mulhorandi Grimorum. She said she would travel with us for a bit. Also, not too hung over, little Zgord joined us. And we were off!

The journey to the caves was a quiet one. The final two caves needed some clearing, however.

The first contained some monstrous rats which did not prove too difficult. The second and final cave was a bit more interesting.

The final cave contained undead- zombies to be exact. It was nice to fight a truly evil foe for a change. After we gathered everything of value we headed back to Blarg.

That is when our luck ran out.

On the road back we ran into an ogre. The battle was difficult but we managed to get through it. Just as we were catching our breath, the ogre rose again as a zombie.

The battle was not going well. In fact, Cedric fell and it looked like we would all be killed. It was then I asked Pelor for divine intervention- and he answered!

I’ve never felt such power! The spell completely destroyed the undead behemoth and healed us- but, alas, it was too late for Cedric. We carried his body back to town and went to the shrine of Pelor.

When we arrived, the cleric there contacted Cedric’s spirit. He was content in the afterlife and did not wish to return to us. I made arrangements for a simple funeral the next day.

It almost seemed like a dream. We sold the treasure and divvied the proceeds. It was quiet then as, I think, we all had a glimpse at our own mortality.

I do not expect to sleep much this night, but I will try.

-Schmendrick the Magnificent: Short in stature, tall in power, narrow of purpose, and wide of vision


27th of Mezzo, 2318 HR

Schmendrick’s Journal

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Schmendrick the Magnificent Entry 012

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