Schmendrick the Magnificent Entry 009

I did not write yesterday because I was far to drunk. Today has been a hard day of training, but let me bring you up to speed on yesterday’s happenings. Not all of them were expected…

We returned to the caves. The journey there was a peaceful one. There was more evil to smite once we arrived, however.

We checked a another cave and found it also infested. There were 4 hobgoblins and a bugbear. It was a hard battle but, in the end, we were victorious. There was treasure to be had, which we gathered, and then we checked another cave.

This one was full of giant spiders. Their webs did not like fire too much but Kor’nav had the dubious honor of enjoying some of their venom. While we were victorious, he was badly weakened and we decided to return to Blarg.

We managed to get back as night drew nigh. All of our treasure was cashed in and the loot was divided. But the taste of death proved too much for Kor’nav.

He told me that he had a change of heart. He did not think he was cut out to be an adventurer, and even doubted his deity Wee Jas. He was leaving and we said our goodbyes.

Yesterday evening I foolishly entered a drinking competition at the Drop in a Bucket tavern. I competed against Karn, a bar wench, and an orc. I’m still not quite sure who won the competition but I think I’ll just watch next time.

Well, I think two more days of training will just about do it. I’ll write again tomorrow.

-Schmendrick the Magnificent: Short in stature, tall in power, narrow of purpose, and wide of vision


24th of Mezzo, 2318 HR

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Schmendrick the Magnificent Entry 009

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