Saurials are a rare breed of lizardfolk not native to Abeir-Toril. Although many sub-species exist, only four can be found there.

They were brought there by Moander so that they could be used as Moander’s slaves to corrupt and destroy the plants and animals in the area in an effort to regain his previous divinity. The plan failed when Finder Wyvernspur, Dragonbait, and Alias defeated Moander, freeing the saurials from their slavery.

Saurials communicate in Draconic but speak in a pitch too high for most humanoids to hear. Those with a keen sense of smell can understand the emotions a saurial is feeling due to the scents they exude when they speak (provided they know what each scent means). Dragons and fey seem to have no problem hearing saurials and both can also detect the scent cues with ease. Saurials on the other hand, learn to understand other languages (though not many bother) but find it more difficult to speak those languages and tend to not try. They can perfectly understand those that speak in Draconic to them but find those people dull to talk to without scent cues.

Most saurials are spiritual and worship either Finder, Chauntea, Tymora or Tyr, as Finder is their patron and rescuer, while the other three reflect aspects of their ancestral gods.

Their sub-races treat each other equally and with respect, using the natural talents of each to maximum effect but because none of them can interbreed, most households only contain one sub-race.

Mates and siblings share much stronger bonds than other humanoids, protecting each other from harm however they can. They easily make friends and only rarely make enemies, though if there is obvious danger, they are quick to respond. Their homeworld has no magic to speak of and they adapt to their surroundings quickly so they investigate magic as best they can, though tend not to experiment with it.



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