Ryu Strait

=Ryu Straight=


The Ryū Straight is a relatively straight passage of ocean in Keshiki. It flows between the Keshuna island and the Amawa island. The dragon straight is so named because a large number of dragons, especially green dragons and black dragons, live in the cliff faces bracketing straight.

The green dragons traditionally nest in the eastern face of Amawa and the black dragons in the western face of Keshuna. While these two groups continually feud and battle each other, they can usually set aside their differences long enough to attack any ships foolish enough to sail through the straight.

Since both species breath water as easily as air, they often ambush unsuspecting ships and sink them. Then all the sailors become tasty, salty treats that the dragons snap up at their leisure. It is usually in dividing the cargo of these ships that the greatest violence occurs and occasionally a sailor has escaped while the dragons’ arguments escalate into full blown battles.


Ryu Strait

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