Rough, crude, and bestial these demons understand nothing but brute force. These bullying tanar’ri are mean and cruel, trapped in a life of never ending pain; they are unhappy unless they are inflicting violence on others. They roam the Abyss in gangs, avoiding the powerful and hunting the weak.

They are the result of the chaotic energies of the Abyss. As such, they are always in pain, howling and writhing as their corrupted bodies mutate at random intervals. They occasionally have arms that do not work and limps that slow them down.

They stand between five and seven feet tall. These twisted and malformed creatures are usually hunched over, walking with a stagger or a limp. Their skulls are pointed with small and vicious eyes with asymmetrical and deformed features. Their mottled green and blue flesh is nearly hairless. No two look exactly alike.


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