rules of use

This page is to clarify use of the information on this Wiki. Because of the concept of in-game information and out of game information, a lot of this may not be available to your character’s knowledge.

All of this information is meant to be read. Enjoy the growing richness of the lands and its history.

If your character has not learned something in game, that leaves you with three options:

  1. Learn it through research in-game
  2. Attempt to remember it with a knowledge check of the appropriate type
  3. Don’t know it in-game

Any information not present on this wiki is either unavailable to the players currently or undiscovered. If you need information not present, make the appropriate requests in game (such as finding a library to research the topic).

Additionally the DM holds the right to change or invalidate any information submitted on here to suit the campaign. Thus the DM has final say on all content in the campaign setting. This is a precaution to ensure as consistent a campaign setting as possible.
This is includes, but is not limited to:
renaming of cities, planes, people, things, etc..
adjustments to history
any background element deemed too fantastic, inappropriate, or contradicting to existing lore
any other information that is deemed unoriginal or doesn’t fit with the fantasy setting

rules of use

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