Recinda Butterfingers


Recinda Butterfingers

Recinda Butterfingers was a rogue who was not very good at her chosen profession. She spent most of her life messing up everything having to do with the rogue arts. She did manage to prove her worth eventually by stealing a rare magic item called the Sword of Ghosts.

She stored her ill gotten gains, what little she had acquired, in a cave home which she attempted to trap to protect it. Unfortunately all her traps worked differently then she had designed them to.

After she died, her cave remained undiscovered for a number of years. Eventually the Cave of the Misfortunate One was happened upon by some adventurers who searched about and attempted to find any valuables within. It was never confirmed whether this group ever managed to find the Sword of Ghosts in that dungeon.

None Known

Last Known Location
Deceased – Cave of the Misfortunate One

Recinda Butterfingers

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