Razorvine’s a fact of life on some of the Lower Planes. It’s a black-leaved creeper or ivy with an exceptionally sharp-edged stem hidden under the lush foliage. The plant’s capable of surviving almost any conditions, and flourishes in most environments. Razorvine can grow several feet in a single day, and can cover a small building or untended wall in a week.

The razorvine’s leaves are small, heart-shaped, and so dark as to be nearly black. They grow in dense clumps near the stem on short, wiry sprigs. The leaf-edges are serrated, but they’re actually completely harmless – the stems are the real peril. A razorvine’s stem is triangular in cross-section, with three elevated, iron-hard ridges like sword-blades running along the stem. These ridges are the weapons of the razorvine, and they’ll lay a creature’s arm open from wrist to elbow if he’s not careful with the stuff.

The razorvine doesn’t actually attack anything. It just lies there waiting for someone to fall into it.

The razorvine can inflict damage in three ways. Anyone handling the stuff or brushing past are likely to get cut. Anyone trying to slash through it or cut through it might get cut. Anyone falling into it will get cut.

Hacking through it is as dangerous because the tightly twisted vines are under tension. When a vine is cut, it recoils and might slash the cutter who just severed it.

Falling into a patch is deadly because most folk will bleed to death before getting out. When someone falls into a patch, they take no damage unless the move.


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