The xvart god, Raxivort is chaotic evil aligned. His titles include The Lord of Xvartkind, Packmaster of Rats, the Night Flutterer.

Raxivort is the small and hateful god of the xvarts. He is a relatively new deity to Materia, as his race has only just begun to establish itself in and on Versat. It has only been a few decades since scholars and adventurers originally discovered the first small settlements of the diminutive blue goblinoids in the southern Blitzkreig Mountains, but in the time since, their numbers have grown from a mere handful to the point where they are in some locations a problem on par with that of kobolds or goblins. Originally confined to southern Versat, they have spread in the intervening years far and wide across the face of Materia, and can be found in many locations across every continent today, albeit usually in low population densities. But, as their numbers have grown, so has their god’s power; and given their typical goblinoid rate of multiplication (in other word, incredible), the xvarts and their deity have merely scratched the surface of what they both may become.

Both the xvart race and their deity originate in a reality far from Materia; most scholars suspect that they have their beginnings on Prime world known as Oerth. It is rumored that Raxivort began there long, long ago as a great chieftain who united huge numbers of his kind in vast hordes which ravaged huge swathes of the Flanaess. Ever desirous of more power, Raxivort eventually managed to contact various extraplanar creatures, culminating in a deal with the Abyssal Lord Graz’zt, in which the demon noble agreed to employ the xvart in return for power and wealth. Raxivort, ever cunning, agreed to the terms, and became an employee in the pay of the abyssal lord; deep inside, however, he resented Graz’zt’s control over him and coveted his power, so he bided his time while he gradually gained in strength and in his master’s trust. Finally, when he believed all was ready, Raxivort seized Graz’zt’s arsenal and treasury and attempted to overthrow his master and claim control of his three layers of the Abyss. Needless to say, Graz’zt didn’t take this lying down, and the battle between the two lasted for many long months, with Graz’zt quickly gaining the upper hand but unable to dislodge his rebellious servant from a portion of one layer. Finally, a deal was brokered between the two whereby the xvart gave up the parts of the abyssal lord’s domain he still controlled in return for being allowed to leave with the power and treasure he had seized in the meantime. Armed with his new-found power, Raxivort moved to a relatively isolated portion of Pandemonium and set up a new realm. Now free of his connections with Graz’zt, Raxivort returned to his roots and began a campaign to reassert his control over his previous subjects, this time not as a chieftain but instead as a deity.

As a relatively new power in Materia, Raxivort has little in the way of godly allies and enemies. Throughout the Material Plane, he has gained the enmity of Squerrik, the overlord of wererats, since the xvart god has some dominion over rats, and, indeed, has even gained a handful of wererat worshipers. Like all members of his race, the Night Flutterer hates both the halfling race and the pantheon of gods they worship.

Raxivort appears as a taller-than-normal and uglier-than-normal xvart, possessing bright blue skin and glowing orange eyes. He wears a silk tabard (which displays his holy symbol) over blue chain mail, both of which shimmer as if covered in blue flames. His right hand is often enshrouded in blue flame. In melee combat he wields a highly-enchanted falchion called Azure Razor (stolen from Graz’zt’s treasury), while he throws daggers with uncanny accuracy should he decide to make ranged attacks.

Raxivort is served by cranium rats, eyewings, maelephants, mobats, nightmares, quasits, rats, slaadi, tanar’ri (especially uridezu), and yugoloths. He shows his favor by the discovery of aquamarines, azurite, bluestones, blue quartz, disthene, iols, lapis lazuli, microcline, sapphires, star sapphires, and turquoise.

Classification: Deity
God of the Xvarts
Domains: Animal, Evil, and Trickery
Portfolio: Xvarts, Rats, and Filth
Homeplane: Windswept Depths of Pandemonium
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Known Significant Temples

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