The kenku god of thieves, Quorlinn is neutral aligned.

Quorlinn’s realm of Filchnest can be found on the plane of the Beastlands.

Quorlinn appears as a typical kenku wearing a black mask and fairly non-descript clothing. Quorlinn is a likable, roguish trickster. He has a tinge of malice about him at times, but he has also aided races other than his own. He spends much of his time whining about the responsibilities imposed upon him by a race he didn’t choose to have created in his image.

Quorlinn is portrayed as the botched creation of a powerful non-lawful sky-god too embarrassed to admit his error. Quorlinn proved his worthiness in a series of wild and dubious adventures involving his present areas of concern, and in reward the deity created the kenku to keep him busy, much to Quorlinn’s dismay.

Quorlinn’s relationship with Pazuzu, who is said to have transformed the kenku into their present humanoid form in order to save them from a suspicious plague, is less than cordial.

Quorlinn teaches disguise, magic, and thievery to help the kenku survive, for he fears he is too weak to protect them himself.

Quorlinn is worshipped mainly by kenku.

Quorlinn’s shamans and priests are devious and clever, masterminding abductions, ambushes, and traps. They are organized into secretive cells, and often serve as spies. They work to break other kenku out of jails and prisons.

Classification: Deity
Kenku God of Thieves
Domains: Luck, Illusion, and Trickery
Portfolio: Trickery, Disguise, and Thievery
Homeplane: Wilderness of the Beastlands
Alignment: Neutral
Allies: Akadi, Remnis, Brandobaris, Erevan Ilesere, Baravar Cloakshadow, and Vergadain
Enemies: Pazuzu

Known Significant Temples

Famous Followers of Quorlinn


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