Quicklings are relatives of brownies that dabbled in dark and sinister faerie magic many ages ago. Legend relates that they were transformed into creatures of evil as punishment. Quicklings have an intense hatred of all races, especially other fey creatures, except their own kind.

Quicklings are small and slender, resembling miniature elves with very sharp, feral features. Their ears are unusually large and rise to points above their heads. Their skin ranges from pale to blue-white. Their hair is silver or white. Quicklings dress in fine clothes of bright colors. They are fond of silver and black, and often wear or adorn their clothes with these colors. Quicklings never wear any form of armor or cumbersome clothes.

A quickling will attack by rushing in, stabbing a foe with its daggers, and then moving out of range before the opponent can react. They also have a few magical abilities which help them torture their enemies. They are always effected by a haste spell which allows them to attack faster and jump higher than would otherwise be expected. They can turn invisible at will, but attacking negates it. Finally, many quicklings use special daggers that can cause whoever is stabbed by them to fall into a magical sleep.

They speak Common and Sylvan.


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