Plumach are part of the alchemical sequence of metals. This variant of rilmani are based upon lead.

Plumachs are short, stocky humanoids with dull, gray metallic skin. They’re broad-shouldered and thick waisted, with wide, stubby hands and heavy legs. Plumachs lack the grace or strength of their more powerful kin, but they’re stubborn and tenacious opponents. Some people think plumachs are stupid, but that’s a risky assumption; Plumachs have got a great store of practical wisdom and common sense. They believe in hard work, respect where respect’s due, and the common courtesy of staying out of other people’s business.

As the commoners of the Spire, plumachs are craftsmen, teamsters, and merchants. They carry out the day-to-day business of rilmani society. A plumach is the equal of the finest human crafts men at his chosen trade. Since the rilmani as a race require no food, shelter, or clothing, the plumachs devote their time to creating devices of comfort and convenience or works of art.

Plumachs resort to combat only when it’s clear that their lives or interests are threatened. Otherwise, they don’t want to get involved. Some think the plumach’s apathy for incompetence, and are rudely surprised when the plumach decide to stand and fight. Plumachs fight with heavy maces, clubs, and mauls of lead.


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