The chief aboleth goddess, Picaethces is lawful evil aligned. She is also known as the Blood Queen and concerns herself with domination and oppression.

She makes her home on the realm known as the Abomination Pool on the Minauros layer of the Nine Hells of Baator.

The Blood Queen’s holy symbol is a sphere of mucus surrounded by droplets of the same. She appears as a tentacle-less, gigantic aboleth with mottled gray markings.

Piscaethces is worshiped primarily by aboleths and elder aboleths, in the later case the adoration of children for their mother.

According to legend Picaethces budded off the first of the aboleth race and gave each of her children a small part of her intellect.

Classification: Goddess
Chief Aboleth Goddess
Portfolio: Aboleth, Domination, and Oppression
Domains: Domination, Evil, Law, Mind, and Tyranny
Homeplane: Nine Hells of Baator
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Famous Followers of Picaethces

Significant Temples


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