Pinebrook is a small, predominantly human town that lies near the Blitzkreig Mountains. One of the roads leading out of Pinebrook travels northeast towards the village of Lazy Willow on the other side of the mountain range. Heading south out of Pinebrook, the road eventually forks, continuing south to Thistlewood one way and west to Swiftcreek the other way. To the north lies the town of Ardel and the Ardel Marble Quarry.

Pinebrook was once the a major hub of commerce in Versat as the last town in the West before the only overland traderoute to the East. That all changed in 2289 HR when the Blitzkreig Mines opened up one of their mine shafts that ran clear through the mountains to the public. While some of the more claustrophobic caravan masters still use the overland route, the majority enjoy the protection from the elements and hill giants that the underground route affords.

While the town struggles valiantly to find other sources of income, their resentment towards the dwarves sometimes bubble over into violence. For years now parents in Pinebrook have taught their children that the reason their town is not as wealthy and has been slowly dying is do to the evil, greedy dwarves that take the bread out of their mouths and steal the money from their coffers. This hatred has gotten so bad that the last dwarf was run out of town more than a hundred years ago and not one has been welcome ever since. When representatives of the Nyatzees arrived they found a town that was ready to embrace their message.

The caravan masters that transport marble from the quarry to the north have long ago learned to give Pinebrook a wide berth. All dwarven miners would be well advised to do the same…

Small Town (Population: 1394)

Western Versat Human Territories

=Departing Roads=
Northeast (8 days) – Trail over the Blitzkreig Mountains to Lazy Willow.
Northwest (2 1/2 days) – Ardel and the Ardel Marble Quarry.
South (2 1/2 days) – Thistlewood
South and Northwest (8 days) – Swiftcreek

Districts and Shops
The Dead Dwarf – Inn
Dwarf Killers – Weapon Shop
Armor Shop
Healer of Saint Cuthbert

Associated People

Interesting Places
Nyatzees Base and Recruiting Office


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