Pers are the guardians of the portals of the Upper Planes. They are tireless warriors and guardians of those gates.

Pers, look like well-muscled humans of great fighting prowess. They are dressed in bronze or steel armor of elaborate decoration. They wear huge helmets, often adorned with large plumes or various other ornaments. They carry great, frost-covered swords of intelligence and magical power. Although these guardians are not evil in any way, their countenance and appearance is grim and foreboding.

Pers have one purpose: to guard the portals between the Upper Planes. They are absolutely dedicated to this cause and cannot be swayed from it. They will guard the portals against unauthorized intruders, including both evil intruders and those who mean to do harm.

Pers are essentially humans in all respect. They are the spirits of those humans who were dedicated to their cause in life. It is a great honor for a fallen human to become a per. New pers are created by the will of greater good beings, either when their numbers are low or when there are new portals created that need guardians. They are absolutely fanatical warriors and will never leave their post. If challenged, pers will battle to the death.

Although a per is powerful, he is aware of his limitations. Per have an innate ability to size up an opponent and know it’s fighting prowess. This ability does not, however, extend to spell-use. Pers are intelligent, and if one feels he is outmatched by a group of adventurers, he will make challenge to the obvious leader or most powerful warrior of the opposing group.

Pers have a form of limited symbiotic mental link with the various powers of their plane. If a per is under duress or even killed, those powers will become aware of it. There will always be reinforcements sent if a portal is breached, usually in the form of additional pers. Pers speak the languages they knew in life and the common tongue.


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