Pegasus Inn


The Pegasus Inn is a popular tavern in the desert town of Oasis. However, without many of the patrons even knowing it, there were quite a few secrets and some interesting history behind the sawdust on the floor and the scared walls of this business.

Some rich investors in Glacerin saw the growth of the desert outpost at Tweuna as a serious investment opportunity. They purchased several tracts of land beyond the then current limits of the growing village. They knew that, in time, their property would be in a prime expansion area and when the time was right they would develop.

The years pasted and the city of Oasis experienced explosive growth. Between the wealthy nobles that spurred its growth to provide them all of the amenities in their winter homes and its strategic location on a major trade route, the tiny outpost was destined for greatness.

The Glacerin investors noted the growth and lobbied hard with the town planning commission to build the Guild District on their plot of land. There were several bribes and a few murders, but eventually the planning committee agreed and the development of their plot began.

One of the many facilities they built was the Pegasus Inn. While it seemed like an average watering hole, one among many, it was built to the investors specifications and it held its own share of secrets.

While the tavern itself was roomy enough with sufficient room in the back to keep the patrons well stocked with their favorite ales and wines, the floor plan held its own secrets. There was an entire lower level in an unexpected back room and the facility also had access in the rear to a narrow and dark back alley.

The investors had four types of customers in the Guild District. The first kind was from public guilds that either wanted to be founded in Oasis or wanted to open a chapter house there. The second type of customer wanted to open a business in the district to support these guildhalls with the essentials of life such as food, alcohol, weapons, armors, magics, and money lending. The third type of customer was the average citizen of Oasis that needed a place to live while they were not at work. The final customer was the kind that wanted to be a bit more clandestine. It was for this type of customer that the Pegasus Inn, and many of her sister facilities, were built.

Specifically, a satellite office of the Theives Guild of Glacerin quietly contacted the investors and negotiated a reasonable rent to pay for the facility. That is, they agreed not to rob the investors properties and focus on their competition in exchange for the tavern, rent free, and a small courtesy from their deep coffers each month to help with administrative costs. It was an offer they couldn’t refuse and the investors leapt at the chance to help such a far-thinking and civic-minded organization.

The organization of honest and forthright businessmen worked out of their shrouded guildhall for many years. To the common citizen of Oasis the Pegasus Inn was exactly what it seemed, a slightly seedy and shadowy saloon that always seemed to offer their wares at a price to low to turn a profit. To the criminal underworld, however, it was a nexus of graft and corruption that was best left alone.

It was amazing, however, how many ‘gifts’ the barkeep received from the kind and generous merchants from the districts in Oasis. Many of the more unique contributions were proudly displayed upon the walls. Amazingly, the barkeep never had to send out for supplies- fresh bottles and barrels were delivered to the back alley entrance day and night to the taps would never have to run dry. Some might argue that far more was delivered than any thirsty taproom could hope to toast and toss off, but those voices were quickly silenced.

In 2316 HR everything changed. What actually happened was unclear, but according to rumor Sol Nightrider had a run in with the guild. He brought the heavy end of the hammer down on them with his allies Charmaine Greenbottle, Jamie, Xeno Dragonblood, and Will Clark among others. It seems they cleared to entire hall and wiped out the current renters of the Pegasus Inn.

A bit later, Will Clark traveled to Glacerin to contact the owners about buying the property. They felt, from his hulkish bearings, that he must be an enforcer for the guild. Not sure why, but suspecting it was part of needed an official cover, they gladly sold him the property outright for a minimal fee- anything to stay on his masters’ good side. With deed in hand, Will returned to Oasis.

Will let the tavern run as before and the alcoholic section of the business continued to turn a nice profit. It is entirely possible that his patrons assumed he was just the new front man for the thieves guild and they should pay their respect with their steady patronage.

Will felt that an adventurers guild sounded like a good idea. He sought out Anera Dragonblood as a solid partner for the venture, one that wouldn’t be leaving Oasis very often and could mind the shop when he wasn’t around, and the Adventurers’ Guild of Oasis was born. Of course, her honesty and goodness would stop her from cheating him and would make her a bit, well, gullible- a desirable trait in one’s business partner.

One of the last expansions Will worked on was installing a large vault in the basement so that he might enter the field of banking. However, after a final adventure at the North Desert Fortress, Will’s longtime traveling companions decided to disband and seek their fortunes elsewhere. Will decided to follow his dream and seek out the next big trend in caravans- air power. He left to seek out this new business venture, gnomish airships, and sold his share of the business and the property itself to Anera.

=Recent Events=
Recently, as Anera has traveled more and more with her husband Xeno, she has left more and more of the responsibility of running the guild day to day to Treant OwWann. Ironically, the person that was hired as Feng’s lackey now runs his business.

Oasis at Tweuna in the Desert of Desolation in the Western Versat Human Territories.

Current Owner
Anera Dragonblood

Pegasus Inn

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