An opinicus is a powerful magical creature of the desert that spreads goodwill wherever it travels. Though it appears to be a magical creation of a mixture of several types of creatures, the opinicus is a valid creature that breeds true on its own. This odd-looking creature blends the characteristics of a camel with an giant eagle’s wings, simian faces and prehensile forepaws, and a lion’s mane and tail. An opinicus ranges from light buff to golden brown in color, with wings of a slightly darker color.

Opinicus will usually lair in deserted old ruins swallowed up by the desert. They do venture forth on missions of well being, seeking to bring prosperity to those in need. Though well known in this friendly capacity, their penchant for being pranksters have somewhat tarnished their reputation as beneficent protectors. Still, good creatures will usually accept the help of an opinicus.

Evil creatures and undead dread the rage of an opinicus, as they always attack an opponent of evil nature. Opinicus are pacifists otherwise, though they may feel the need to fight to aid a good cause. When roused, the opinicus has a number of abilities to battle with.

They can cast divine spells as well as turn undead. Additionally, they have several psionic abilities. They have the ability to shift to the Astral Plane and Ethereal Plane just like the spells Astral Projection and Etheralness at will. Finally, they have a gaze attack called sun sparkles that glows with the brightness of the Upper Planes. This attack physically hurts any undead or evil outsiders within its range.


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