Ophidians were once human but no longer retain any vestige of their humanity and no aspirations to a lifestyle other than servitude. They are happy to carry out the orders of more powerful serpentfolk, including dark nagas, spirit nagas and yuan-ti. Ophidians almost never act independently of their masters.

An ophidian has a wide, serpentine torso with short, stubby legs and humanoid arms ending in clawed hands. Its head is lizardlike, and its tail is short in proportion to its body. These monstrous humanoids walk upright and can climb in a sort of half-slither, like a snake. Its scales are typically mottled green and yellow, with brown, black and red also appearing in some individuals. An ophidian’s scales change color to help it blend into wooded or subterranean surroundings.

Ophidians have little in the way of society, living to serve the yuan-ti and never worry about building their own culture. Ophidians perform much of the unpleasant labor for the yuan-ti, and they serve on the front lines whenever danger from the outside threatens their masters.

Ophidians that lose their yuan-ti masters immediately seek some other powerful Scaled One to serve. Should such a master not be immediately available, they simply wander aimlessly, fighting with one another and any other creatures they happen to encounter.

Ophidians are malicious creatures that delight in the torture and destruction of other races. Despite their innate cruelty, they are fawning and servile in dealings with more powerful Scaled Ones. They worship no particular deity of their own, simply worshiping the deity their masters tell them to.

In combat they use whatever equipment their masters provide, but they make none of their own. Masterless ophidians often use scavenged weapons.

Ophidian females lay their eggs in any convenient place and then abandon them. No ophidian, male or female, feels any connection to its young, or indeed any need to care for them unless so ordered.

When the young ophidians hatch, they swarm aimlessly in search of food until an older ophidian or other serpentfolk gives them direction. Ophidians are raised in servitude, receiving ever more complex orders in keeping with their age and physical power.


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