An observer has a spherical body about six feet in diameter, covered with a chitinous shell with purplish-pink mottles. Unlike beholders, observers have three mouths spaced evenly around their lower hemispheres and three main eyes above each mouth. Six eye-stalks crown the body of this aberration.

Observers often create small tyrannical empires, aided by magical and psionic control. When they are wandering the planes, observers are however more passive, preferring to observe and fighting only when directly attacked. Unless physically threatened, an observer is usually content to use negotiation and manipulation to achieve its ends.

An observer usually does not initiate combat unless provoked, preferring to observe. Some clueless people from the Material Plane however often mistook it for a beholder and attacks without negotiation. If possible, an observer prefers to dominate and enslave an enemy than to kill him outright.

Each of the observer’s six eye stalks can shoot a ray up to 150 ft. No more than 2 eye rays can aim in the same 90 degree arc. All rays affect only one targeted creature. The stalks can enact the following spells: Dominate Person, Enervation, Fear, Finger of Death, Magic Missile, and Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere.

Each of the three central eyes can fire rays with any one of the three force effects. Each eye must aim at a different 90 degree arc. They include: Bigby’s Forceful Hand, Telekinesis, and Deflect Arrows.

An observer is constantly under the effects of a True Seeing spell. An observer can fly at all times and is constantly under an effect akin to Feather Fall spell.

Observers are not social creatures, avoiding contact with their own kind. It is rare that rivalries between observers (over resources, instead of xenophobia of true beholders) to break out into wars. They do not pursue malice for its own sake, although they may be very selfish and paranoid.

Observers spend their time maintaining its realm and wandering the planes to gain knowledge to expand their domains. While wandering, they tend to be more passive and watchful. Observers mind-control slaves in their territories, which often form armies. Other slaves serve to add to their masters’ treasury hoards, since wealth is an obsession of the observers.

Observers are pretty much at the top of the food chain. Being hoarders of knowledge, they are a good source to find the truth of anything, despite the risk. The observer, of course, would require some form of payment.

Some sages speculate that an observer spawns by producing a parasitic egg carried by a slave. The young then devours its host from inside out before emerging to contest for supremacy with its parent. The parent observer often drives the young away and ignores it thereafter.


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