The demi-god of royalty and felines, Nobanion is lawful good aligned. He is known as the Lore Firemane, King of the Beasts, King of Lions and Strong Beasts, and the Lion King. He shares the realm called The Grove of the Unicorns located in the House of Nature which exists on the Krigala layer of the Wilderness of the Beastlands. His personal weapon is Lion’s Head a heavy pick. His holy symbol can take the form of a male lion’s head or a golden lion rampant on a green shield.

Nobanion is typically portrayed as a great male lion or a majestic lammasu. He draws his power from wild animals, particularly the great cats and wemics.

Worship of the Lion and the Unicorn, as Nobanion and Lurue are often called, is frequently lumped into the catch-all category of “beast cult.” These two deities, however, differ from the tribal totem great spirits of the Uthgardt and the Ice Hunters of the North which are often cited as typical beast cult “deities,” as those spirits are not divinities in their own right, serving rather as conduits for the actions of Uthgar or Ulutiu, respectively. Nobanion is a deity in his own right and always has been since he entered the world from another reality. However, his primary worshipers are not human, but rather animals, especially felines, strong beasts, and animals of regal bearing, and most of them do not maintain written histories or even many oral traditions. Their religion is a personal and direct faith, and until Nobanion began attracting human and humanoid worshipers, such as wemics, the ways of his religion went unrecorded and were little noticed.

He is on good terms with most of the Animal Lords of the Beastlands, Balador (lord of werebears), Ferrix (lady of weretigresses), Tappan (god of korreds), and most of the nature deities. He hates Malar with a passion as the perversion of all that is noble and natural in beasts, and he would hunt Malar to extermination if he had the resources to do it. Gwaeron Windstrom and he share this hatred, and they sometimes coordinate their efforts against Malar.

Nobanion also gets along well with Torm and Tyr and sees himself as trying to emulate among beasts what they strive for among humans; however, both these powers are too busy with human affairs to have developed a relationship with Nobanion beyond cordial acquaintance. Nobanion and Lurue have a long-standing alliance and deep friendship that has stood for many centuries, and their relationship is one that Nobanion counts upon most when he needs to get an outside viewpoint on a problem or is troubled or depressed.

Nobanion radiates both power and gentleness. His roar is deafening, and when he chooses to exert the full force of his charisma, his regal majesty is overwhelming, yet the tiniest creature who approaches him in good faith finds itself comfortable in his presence. He tries to lead his pride to do what is noble and right, but does not force his faithful to pursue that path. He deeply wants those under his rule to willingly choose good over evil, action over inaction, and order over chaos. He does not command from the rear and would never ask someone to do something he would not be willing to do himself, including laying down his life for another.

Nobanion often manifests as a lion’s roar that seems to emanate from everywhere and rumble across the landscape. Nobanion sometimes appears to his worshipers as a great lion’s head outlined in a mane of amber and scarlet flickering fire that can emit a deafening roar.

Nobanion is served by good major incarnates and charity, courage, faith, justice, temperance, and wisdom minor incarnates, androsphinxes, dragonnes, lammasu, greater lammasu, and great cats of all sorts, including leomarhs, lions, mountain lions, sea lions, thylacines, and tigers. He is said to love fine poetry and song and to have a particular sentimental fondness for pastries and sweetmeats, cinnamon, rice candies from far Keshiki, and sweetened concoctions made from Xandain cocoa, cream, and butter, in addition to liking a good cut of meat.

Classification: Demi-God
God of Royalty and Felines
Domains: Animals, Good, Law, Nobility
Portfolio: Lions, Good-Aligned Beasts, Lammasu, Wemics, Werelions, Felines, Noble Beasts, and Royalty
Homeplane: Wilderness of the Beastlands
Alignment: Lawful Good
Allies: Balador, Ferrix, Gwaeron Windstrom, Lurue, Mielikki, Shiallia, Silvanus, Tappan, Torm, and Tyr
Enemies: Malar

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