Nightshades are fey spirits of poisonous plants. These beings, also known as wood woses dwell in dark, unhallowed places, where plants like mistletoe, hemlock, foxglove, and belladonna grow.

Nightshades appear similar to dwarves in some ways, but are much more like sylvan creatures in other ways. Nightshades average 4 feet tall, and have stocky bodies. They have dark brown skin, and thick beards and hair that are covered in vines and leaves. They wear nothing but woven kilts and vests, and carry weapons of beaten copper or bronze. Nightshades speak Sylvan, and can speak with plants.

Wood woses live in dark groves, and are the weeds of the fey world. They are cold and uncaring creatures, and serve their high queen Ainecotte with a healthy fear. They are on good terms with quicklings, but are despised by treants.

Nightshades use either bronze short swords or spears, and coat their blades with a poison derived from their sap (blood). This poison slows their targets and, if left untreated, can be fatal. Anyone slain in such a way will rise again as a nightshade on the next full moon.

Once per month, a group of seven or more nightshades can summon a shambling mound. This requires a blood-drinking ritual that takes one hour to perform, and the shambling mound is under the control of the nightshades for a whole night.

Nightshades take no damage from wooden weapons of any sort, including magical weapons of that sort. They do, like their plant origins, take double damage from fire attacks.


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