The neogi are ruthless race of slayers and plunderers. They are a hateful, xenophobic race that, according to some sages, may come from a different planet.

Neogi are unusual aberrations which look like a cross between a wolf spider and a moray eel. Its lower torso is that of an eight-limbed, light tan furred spider, but where the spider’s head should be sprouts the long, lithe body and head of an eel. Two of their limbs have simple claws. Their mouth is filled with needle-sharp teeth. The fur of the neogi is dyed a variety of colors to signify power, rank, accomplishments, and warnings to other neogi.

Neogi are slave traders and they consider everything either to be a slave or owner. All neogi have several slaves, usually umber hulks, sometimes other neogi. Even these neogi slaves have more slaves, leading to complex ownership hierarchy.

Neogi reproduction is particularly gruesome, involving the transformation of an elderly member of the species into a swollen, mindless monstrosity known as a Great Old Master. After the transformation, the Great Old Master is implanted with young neogi, which start out as parasites. The Great Old Master ultimately bursts, and a vast swarm of the unintelligent young pour out of it, proceeding to devour one another until only a few are left.

Neogi are very rarely encountered, preferring to remain in their lairs deep beneath the earth. The neogi are a very material race, inborn with a sense of property; all neogi are either slave or owner. Slaves to one neogi may be master to others. Neogi wear their badge of station on their body in the form of a tattoo.

Neogi are very distrustful of all other races save for mind flayers. They maintain a working relationship with them for slaves and food.

The neogi’s exact relationship with umber hulks is unknown, though captive umber hulks are trained from a very young age to follow the neogi and tend to their every need.

Neogi speak their own indiscernible language Neogi which is indiscernible to humans and Common.


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