Musteval are celestial outsiders whose home plane is the Blessed Fields of Elysium. More specifically, the are part of the race called guardinals.

Mustevals are slim humanoids with an elongated snout, tufted ears, and the furtive eyes of a ferret. They have slender limbs, are covered in white fur, and have pink eyes.

Though they are the last powerful of the guardinals, mustevals are unwavering in their battle against evil. They serve greater celestials as spies and often aid humanoid heroes with information about powerful evil creatures. They are the only guardinal race not represented among Talisid and the Five Companions and harbor some resentment over that fact, which they regard as a simple oversight which is bound to be corrected very soon.

Mustevals are agile and seldom remain in one place for long. They use their change self ability to great effect, usually keeping their animalistic features concealed when dealing with other creatures. They stand two feet tall and weigh about 30 pounds. They speak Celestial.

In addition to their standard guardinal abilities, mutevals have several more. They have a number of spell-like abilities that they can use at will including the spell magic missile. They also are very agile during combat, staying in constant motion as they fight.


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