Monasteries are a specific type of temple that can be found all over Versat as well as a few other continents. They are always associated with at least one deity and give the followers a place to worship in isolation from the rest of the world. They are just about the exact opposite of a cathedral.

Monestaries are often located in hard to reach places that more often than not are also in harsh environments. The goal of these religious facilities is for the followers of the god or goddess to leave all of the comforts and things of the world behind and focus on the deity exclusively. Usually monks make up the majority of the clergy found at these facilities.

The buildings themselves are usually simple in nature and offer few luxuries. They are also often very well built as the physical labor of moving huge stones helps the monks focus upon their deity. The facilities are often also quite well made since generation after generation of monk works on improving their monastery.

While they do not seek out the world, most monasteries are open to travelers and freely offer their hospitality and aid to the tired and the sick.

Famous Monasteries


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