Meenlocks are a small, malevolent underground race that delights in killing others and turning them into meenlocks. They lair in deep, dark, sealed, vertical underground shafts.

A meenlock appears as a two foot tall, bipedal creature covered in black, shaggy fur. Its head is white, cut with dark ridges. Its hands end in sharp claws. Its large, bulbous eyes are pale blue in color.

Meenlocks speak using their telepathic ability.

Meenlocks very rarely leave their lairs and will immediately attack any creature foolish enough to enter therein. They attack with their claws, attempting to paralyze their foes. Paralyzed creatures are bound, and cast aside for the transformation into a meenlock. If faced with overwhelming odds, the meenlocks will withdraw, ‘marking’ one creature for later retrieval.

Using an extended form of their telepathy, a meenlock can place a mental imprint on any creature within 30 feet. This imprint can be detected by other meenlocks within 300 feet of the ‘marked’ creature. It is not magical and therefore does not radiate magic if detected. Meenlocks use this ability to mark those they deem worthy of joining their ranks and becoming a meenlock. If combat is engaged at anytime after the marking, the meenlocks will concentrate their attacks on the ‘marked’ creature.

As a standard action, all meenlocks can make mental contact with any creature within 300 feet that has been ‘marked’. A creature subjected to the mind assault attack of three or more meenlocks suffers continuous damage to their body, weakening them until they can no longer struggle. Note that the meenlocks do not have to see their victim in order to use this ability. The marked creature can automatically be located as long as it is within 300 feet of at least one meenlock.

Meenlocks do not initiate this ability if they are engaged in combat. They will use it before or after combat in order to track a victim they deem worthy enough to become a meenlock. They will pursue, at a safe distance, but will not attack until the victim has bedded down to rest. At that time, they will attack attempting to drag the victim back to their lair where it will be transformed into a meenlock.

Meenlocks lair in deep, dark, sealed, vertical underground shafts. The walls and floors are covered with thick moss. The smell of rotting corpses can be detected once the seal is removed. At the bottom of the shaft is the actual lair is a large, open space carved of stone.

Any creature captured and dragged back to the meenlocks’ lair will undergo a very painful and prolonged form of torture that can stretch over the course of several days. The creature is tortured until it dies and, up to four hours later, rise as a meenlock with no abilities or memories of its former life. The exact procedure and magic (if any) used in this transformation is unknown.


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