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2311 – Melinda(23), Htaed(28), Uriel, Loktar, Tomas, Aurin, Tolanthar

2315 – Moktar, Jamie, Jordache, Dolartu, Raban, Drowcon
2316 – Xeno, Anera, Charmaine, Vorel, Sol, Treant, Will Clark, Twilight, Cerric

2316.5 – Nadia, Allium, Clavidicus

2317 – Claudius Augustius Astralshade, Gonahnadel Moonsong, Fashim Burak, Keystone, Narwyn, Gloria, Callie, Dellistra Saphire, Kludge

2318 – Slog, Dalamar, Ethan, Miriam, Gob, Kathrine, Ino
Lacial, Saphira, Grog
Schmendrick, Karn, Zita, Kor nav, Cedric, Alice Blacksol, Gjord
Miach, Cylest, Colin, Vanyl, Jordache
Garret Oswald, Shawn, Falconi, Zain Shortblade
Hogie, Ales, Sparkfinger, Azelia

2319 – Hogie, Domynik, Diedrum, Crystal, Nadia
Miach, Miriam, Falconi, Lin, Garret, Shawn

  • —-Clayborn Departed**

Check the NotesTime2318 or NotesTime2319 or NotesTime2325 for further information

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