lock lurker


The tiny lock lurker serves as a constant bane to thieves and tomb-robbers. This little creature appears as a coin-sized disc, with two rows of tiny, retractable legs with suction cups on the ends, on its underside. On one edge of the coin-body is a foot-long stinger that strikes with lightning speed. This stinger is invisible when the creature is at rest, as the stinger exists mainly on the Ethereal Plane, and only exists on the Material Plane when striking. When visible, this tail looks like a scorpion’s tail, and though this large tail looks too heavy to be supported by the body, the weight of the creature actually counterbalances it. The lock lurker eats with a tiny mouth on its underside, which is composed of an iris of razor-sharp teeth, surrounded by the creature’s legs.

Lock lurkers receive their name from the frequency at which they are places as guardians of treasures, set to strike unwary thieves. Assassins also make use of them, placing them under inkwells or pillows, in boots and gloves, or behind doors, where they can strike through large keyholes at someone trying to open a lock.

These creatures are usually copper or bronze colored, but on occasion may be gold or silver.

Lock lurkers attack with their stinger and bite, which are both totally silent attacks. This attack is surprisingly powerful for a creature of this size, and can even pierce armor. Creatures of Small or smaller size hit by the stinger are stunned for a few seconds. The bite is much less powerful, and cannot chew through anything tougher than leather armor. If the lock lurker loses its stinger, it will regenerate over a period of two weeks.

The venom of a lock lurker’s stinger can paralyze opponents. A lock lurker can strike up to 40 times per day before its venom is exhausted.

Venom and food eaten are held in expandable body sacs on the Ethereal Plane and brought to the Material Plane as needed, in the same manner as the stinger.

lock lurker

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