Lin Journal - Trouble in Thistlewood

The following is the partial translation from Lin’s Journal. Her journal is written in a unique elven dialect which has proven difficult to translate properly.

Lin’s Journal
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Trouble in Thistlewood
So apparently the reputation of the group that has hired me is getting a lot of attention, maybe good and maybe bad. Word is though that some amount of skulduggery is occurring here in Thistlewood and the mayor of the town is somehow behind a new thief guild thats formed here. Apparently over a thousand gold has been promised by the captain of the guard, Jeffery Strongblade, for any proof of the mayor’s involvement. We’re to visit both inn in town, the Nightstalker and the Flame and Ale. The Nightstalker was a nice enough place despite its kind of dark sounding name. We were greeted as we entered and overall it just felt quite friendly, some of the older locals making this their hangout spot.

The Flame and Ale was a different story all together. They had a number of table set up near the bar with a couple of people near the back playing cards at one of the tables. I’d imagine few questions get asked here as for the most part it seemed like people were keeping to themselves. We got a couple glances but they weren’t friendly ones. I guess I feel a little more comfortable around these people though, they just have my style written all over their actions. I’m not unfriendly, far from it, just sometimes questions shouldn’t be asked, for everyone’s sake.

We inconspicuously pulled the bartender aside and asked him what he knew about thief guild activity, hoping he wasn’t a member himself. We were lucky this time, as he informed us that the men over in the corner playing cards are members of this guild and that we should try to follow them when they leave. Easy enough, I can follow them easily, after all they didn’t look the least bit experienced. We set down to waiting and got ourselves some refreshments while we waited.

I was right, they weren’t hard to follow and before long we had located the entrance to this new guild’s hideout. Strangely, they were clever enough to hide the entrance inside a trapped barrel. That seems a little above the cleverness of the thieves we saw in the inn, so we prepared ourself for better opposition within.

I think its safe to assume that the members of the guild were not expecting any visitors because we just kept cutting through them. Maybe they had not organized themselves fully yet, because the battles were short and vastly in our favor. We searched through the guildhall and found some incriminating documents tying the mayor to the setup and management of the thief guild.

There also seemed to be some extra entrance to the guildhall that led into the sewers. The sewers being overrun with rats, we sealed up that door quickly. Having found what we were looking for, we left confident we’d done more then enough to help the town with this thief guild problem. The reward we were promised was nice but I’ll have to look into getting more of this gold collected soon.

Being impressed with these new companions, I tracked down Tomas and offered both our services in the future jobs. They seemed interested and asked us if we would stick around in case any jobs arise in the next couple days. I agreed since I could use the money as could Tomas._

Lin Journal - Trouble in Thistlewood

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