Lin Journal - Tomas has an Accident

The following is the partial translation from Lin’s Journal. Her journal is written in a unique elven dialect which has proven difficult to translate properly.

Lin’s Journal
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Tomas has an Accident
Tomas had a little accident, which we’re not going to let him live down. But I should start from the beginning, shouldn’t I? He went out on a solo dungeon run to fulfill the membership requirement of a group of dungeon delvers he wanted to join to get specialized training. He was given a list of dungeons this organization knew of and he picked one. He chose the {{Temple of the Horrible Death}} which if you ask me was probably the worst choice possible. Now granted I don’t know what the others were called, since I’m sure if the others were called things like the {{"Crypt of Eye Deep in Feces"}} or {{"Stronghold of Ugly Fat Women"}}, he made the right choice.

Apparently the entire place was pretty dark which made it all the more difficult to traverse. Luckily he did bring a torch. It didn’t take too long before he started running into pit traps all over the place. After passing those, he found himself at a swinging rope bridge which he began to cross. In the middle, the bridge had been rigged to give way which he narrowly avoided by leaping for the other side and climbing to safety. He was going to need a new torch and some new trousers.

The next room proved to be just your average battle with some unskilled lackey creatures and also revealed a locked door he was unable to pick. Continuing into the next hallway, the key to the locked room was just hanging on the wall. Not so smooth of the tenants, but profitable for Tomas. At the end of the spirally hallway, he had to climb a rope down to the next floor.

He said that next floor had a couple of battles for him to engage in including an ettercap, some weird purple fungus and a bunch of large skeletons next to a self lighting candelabra that seemed to be counting up for some reason. Moving through these rooms he found himself in another hallway which he found out had two traps in it, one a portcullis trap that trapped him in and a polymorph spell trap that turned him into a female half-elf. This was a little strange but not hurtful so he/she didn’t pay it much attention at the time. She did note that her wounds had healed when she stepped on it though.

She moved into the next room and was engaged in battle with an Ogre. She sustained significant damage from the ogre before attempting to retreat. She led the creature back to trap that had healed her before and started to jump on it rapidly to heal her as she fought the ogre. After the ogre lay defeated at her feet, she had during that battle activated the trap in excess of 30 times and had not seen any change in the effect.

After retrieving the iron box on a pedestal that she had been sent to get but not open she made her way out of the dungeon. Half way there, she thought about opening the box, pocketing the contents and filling it with crap. When she opened it and held the jeweled scarab within it, the scarab jumped at her and attempted to burrow into her skin. She jumped out of the way and managed to get int back into the box without causing much harm to herself. She made a note to pay attention to her directions a little better next time.

Upon returning to where we were staying after turning in the box, she had Uriel and Htaed check her out to see how long the polymorph spell would last. After some examining, they determined that Tomas had activated the trap enough times that the change had now become permanent. We laughed hard at her and gave her the new name “Tammy”. I took her out shopping to buy her a nice frilly flower dress and some underwear much to her embarrassment. She said she’d get me back, but I was just happy that now she was just one of the girls with me and wouldn’t try to hit on me anymore.

This has been more fun at Tammy’s expense today then I can stand. I’ve got to go see Tammy in her new dress. This should be interesting.

Lin Journal - Tomas has an Accident

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