Lin Journal - The Misfortunate One

The following is the partial translation from Lin’s Journal. Her journal is written in a unique elven dialect which has proven difficult to translate properly.

Lin’s Journal
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The Misfortunate One

_Today we’re not hired for any missions so we’re going treasure hunting. Htaed found a reference to a magic item of little value and a lead on where it might still be hidden. I am starting to respect this Htaed fella, he has a lot more use then I originally thought. Having his nose in a book all the time might actually lead to more wealth for me, I had no idea. Anyways he read about the sword and its location to us. It had some sob story about life sucking or something, I blocked it out the first time but I’ll reiterate it here. Just so I can laugh some more later.

{{"The misfortunate one was a rogue by the name of Recinda Butterfingers.“}} What were her parents thinking? {{”For all her efforts, she was not very effective at her career choice."}} Apparently though she wasn’t smart enough to get the hint that if you suck at being a rogue, you’re going to get yourself killed real fast. I kept hoping that next he would read something like “And then she died”. No luck. {{"Her will was strong and after much effort, she was able to get a hold of a rare magic item, finally a success.“}} Yeah because if you steal one friggin item suddenly you’re a success. Scoff! {{”The Sword of Ghosts is supposedly very valuable and is undoubtedly hidden within the cave she made home."}} A cave, yeah she knows how to live the high life. Its only a small step up from a cave to a lavish noble home. I bet she trapped it but the only thing the traps can do is irritate you by rubbing feathers on your face or something.

We followed the directions in the book based off some research that Htaed had done and pinpointed its location. We set out to find the cave and after a day or so of travel to the east, we found the cave. The entrance had a secret door but it was so obvious that a deaf dumb retarded bastard half-orc barbarian baby could have found it.

As soon as we entered we could see her treasure hoard right in front of us. My initial thought is that she really was that retarded to just lay her priceless items right out in the open. But the sign that she put next to the corridor didn’t seem to add up. {{"Only someone who is pure of heart and strong of mind may enter"}}. It could have just as well said “If you can read this sign, you may enter”. I doubt that she herself was pure of heart and I know she wasn’t strong of mind, so this was definitely some sort of trap. Of course we did send someone into the corridor just for laughs, Loktar actually. He got a couple feet before being zapped by a giant lightning bolt from above. I haven’t seen him jump like that ever, and since he gave such a high pitched squeal, I’d be content not seeing or hearing that ever again.

The rest of the trip was entertaining to say the least. I think I might use this place later to practice my skills. I’ll have to adjust the traps a little, but it might be fun to do again. Tomas had fun too, so I guess it wasn’t all that bad. We got what we came here for and it was a nice little distraction. I learned a lot about what not to do when setting up a lair._

Lin Journal - The Misfortunate One

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