Lin Journal - On the Road Again

The following is the partial translation from Lin’s Journal. Her journal is written in a unique elven dialect which has proven difficult to translate properly.

Lin’s Journal
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On the Road Again
It sure is nice to be out “on the road again”. I do my fair share of traveling to meet with new recruits and tend to business here and there, but to be out adventuring is such a thrill. I’ve been sending adventurers under my organization all over the place to do this or that. Hearing reports from around the continent of everything that’s been going on, the urge to adventure these roads finally got the better of me. I did just recently get back from a trip to Deepwater that had some adventure. Deekin can back me up on that one. The journey though ended too soon so again here I find myself out on the dusty roads with a bunch of adventurers under my employ, all of no little renown.

I have the pleasure to be traveling with Miriam, a strong willed woman who swings a sword with such force, I shutter each time I hear the bones cracking as she downs another foe. I also travel with Falconi, a barbarian from the wildlands, strong even among her tribe, who shows occasionally a rage I dare say is uncontainable. She has thus far been able to control her feelings outside of the flames of battle. I also travel with Miach Alastair, a very powerful cleric that rivals the abilities of my friend Uriel, and not quite so stuck up. I like him already. Recently returned to the living this one is, victim of some wraiths in the elflands. He seems to be back to normal, or maybe refocused on his pursuit of undead at the least. Miach had some problems back some months ago with being pursued by a bunch of demons. I might even forgive him and his group totally blowing off the mission they were sent on for like 3 months. Last we have Garrett Oswald, a man that has attempted to master both arcane and divine magics to cover as much of the spellcasting support as the group could need. His healing abilities are now greatly supplemented with Miach there, and so I would imagine that his potent arcane spells will only continue to grow in power.

It seems the roads aren’t much safer then they used to be back when I was running around trying to defeat Blightning. No matter, I have more then enough confidence that those I travel with are capable of fending off great heaps of trouble, and trouble always finds me. The weather was cold and drab which did little to raise my spirits, though I was still quite happy to be traveling once again.

I was awoken from my trance the previous night to some sort of strong decaying angel that passed our little camp area and was heading down towards Glacerin. Garrett, not wanting to let an abomination make it to the city engaged the atrocity with a spell and it wasn’t long before we brought it down. I didn’t waste any time getting back to trance, it wasn’t even worth looking for anything on the body. Anything we could recover wouldn’t fetch even a beggar’s copper coming from the mess we left.

Last night and a couple minutes ago, Miach and I during the third watch did experience some trouble from creatures happening by. I wonder if the two of us are attracting these things with our plesant conversations. Last night held a little more difficulty for us then this evening, the creatures being some sort of magic hungry spiders. They for the most part engaged our spellcasters the whole time trying to take from them the magics they rely on. They seemed resistant to alot of our spells and weapons which made for quite a workout. It was all over within 60 seconds but they fought back harder then we had anticipated.

Tonight was a lot easier. We had apparently set up camp along a hunting path of large wild boars. My kukri were able to injure their flesh much easier than the spiders and when Miriam took a tactical position working with me, the boars did not know from where the multiple strikes were delivered. She apparently has a large amount of combat tactical training and will be a great person to collaborate my attacks with against our foes in the future.

Well my quill is about ground down and the boar meat is near finished cooking. We’re going to have a nice breakfast this morning curtesy of our unexpected guests last night. It sure is good to be on the road again.

Lin Journal - On the Road Again

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