Lin Journal - Lost Temple of Olidammara

The following is the partial translation from Lin’s Journal. Her journal is written in a unique elven dialect which has proven difficult to translate properly.

Lin’s Journal
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Lost Temple of Olidammara
Oh what a couple days this has been. We got approached a couple days ago by a bard cleric that introduced himself as Jesper Melody. He wasn’t the best bard in the world so maybe he should have spent more time at the bard college and less time chanting towards the ceiling at the temple. That though is neither here nor there.

He told us {{"Word travels fast of your influence on the area, especially among bards."}} I interrupted him and told him “That sounds like bad publicity if you ask me, no one associates with bards, not if they can help it.” He said {{"What, I can’t hear you"}} sticking his tongue out at me. So I got up to speak a little louder with my kukri but was stopped and ushered back into my seat by Uriel.

He requested if he could play us a song about our adventures in the Dwarven mines of the Blitzkreig. I wasn’t involved with that nonsense adventure and wasn’t very interested to say the least. The others did want to hear this “song” which I use the term in the loosest and most general sense. All the while as he played his little lute and sang, I just kept making stabbing motions in the air with my kukri in his general direction with a sadistic smile on my face. He must have excellent concentration because I wasn’t able to disrupt him as hard as I tried and the music was actually almost soothing.

After the song he started talking to us about his real business. Apparently a recently rediscovered temple to his deity Olidammara had been discovered in the woods south of the town. All of the clerics that had left his local temple to go investigate had not returned yet and probably ran into some of the traps and trials that Olidammara might have had built into his temples. When he started talking about money is when I started to listen again.

He said {{"Adventurers like yourselves no doubt incur big expenses.“}} You got that right. He winked at Aurin after saying that which made me feel a little uncomfortable. Bards are creepy. He continued {{”Many stories of you have traveled the paths.“}} Yes Bards are creepy, they have got to have better things to do then sing about me or any of us for that matter. Still bad publicity. I did get intrigued about how information travels so fast and I made note to ask this bard about the possibilities of a larger scale intelligence network I’ve had some ideas about recently. {{”You would be entitled to half of the temple treasure you locate to split among yourselves. The rest we ask you return to the temple.“}} Half? Sure but only if they have a huge treasure vault hidden in the lost temple. {{”I shall escort you to the temple entrance when you accept and are ready to leave."}}

We agreed that we didn’t really have too much better to do. Besides, if the pay wasn’t satisfactory, I’m sure I could find some buyers for a bard heart or maybe a couple eyeballs for the local witches. How many times have they been cooking up a spell and go “Damn I’m out of bard eyeballs, how am I going to make this soup?” Jesper seemed a little uncomfortable with the smile I was giving him now. Maybe he knows.

We went and explored this lost temple. I think after looking the place over it probably wouldn’t have hurt anyone if it remained lost. All the traps were substandard. I was kind of hoping for a challenge but what I ended up with was boredom. The traps though did seem to have killed all the clerics that had come here before. It also seems like some gnolls had managed to accidentally stumble upon the temple through a cave in. After we were confident we had taken everything of value and left.

We reported back to Jesper and despite my request, we actually turned in half of what we found. The pay was acceptable for the effort put forth but a little more wouldn’t have hurt. Jesper said he was very grateful for our assistance and he would find us if he had more jobs for us. I did pull him aside after I assured him I won’t kill him yet and asked him about how his information travels so fast. He was able to give me some insight and I walked away from the conversation with a bit more appreciation for bards, but only a bit more.

Lin Journal - Lost Temple of Olidammara

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