Lin Journal - Deserted

The following is the partial translation from Lin’s Journal. Her journal is written in a unique elven dialect which has proven difficult to translate properly.

Lin’s Journal
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Again Miach and I found ourselves on watch when something went wrong. This time it looked like huge, truly horrid umber hulks, big as houses they were, and ugly too. For some reason, our first impression was to just stand very still and that actually seemed to work. They looked around confused and eventually just sank back into the ground. Miach and I just stood there standing in place staring at each other for another good hour or two before the sun came up and we began to move again. We told our no longer sleeping friends what had transpired. I sat down for a few and then I was ready to travel again.

Upon our travel this day we did run into a battle in progress between two of those huge umber hulks we saw the night before and a group of 5 adventurers. It did not look like it was going well for the party as at least 3 were slain right before our eyes. We quickly moved in to assist like the good bystanders we are. After this battle was over, only one remained of the other group who was at the least quite thankful we were able to assist him. He seemed to demonstrate very little interest in the deaths of his party saying that they were “unprepared” but that we demonstrated significant power.

After we got a better look of this soul, he appeared to be constructed of some sort of marble or something. And yet he moved like a real person. Although he was hesitant to tell us much, being suspicious of our intentions of using that information, he gave us just the briefest idea of what had happened to him. Well I can understand the need to not have many questions asked, that’s for sure, so we left it at that.

It seems he was out here with that other group to hunt these very creatures but they had not anticipated the ambush and the strength of the enemy. We asked if he wished to travel to Oasis with us and he did agree that was the direction he was traveling and would join. The rest of the day, what little remained, showed nothing but open sand in all directions and we made camp as the cold night overtook us.

This evening was not to be a restful sleep either. It seemed that once again during third watch, something approached our camp. I having been relieved of that watch now conclude it is Miach that is the bad luck. I shall have a stern talk with him tomorrow about changing his karma. Anyways what attacked us what some sort of shadowy darkness creature 20 ft tall. Garrett seemed to take a good amount of the brute of the attacks from this creature but I’m sure was also throwing the hurt right back. Eventually even after hitting us all with some miasmal cloud a couple times, it eventually dissipated before our eyes and was no more. Good, I’m not done meditating.

The next day showed little mercy for us either. Almost as soon as we had set out, we ran into another pair of horrid umber hulks which again we did some nasty stuff too. As big as they are, they do fall easy. These last couple days, I’ve been having trouble getting my blades to the target, my friends are quite efficient at what they do. I know I picked them all for a reason, they just keep proving how right my choice was. We’re on the move again, I hope nothing else attacks us before we get to ….damn, be right back.

Well that was interesting. We came across some guy standing in the middle of the road with a large stone golem of some sort. He asked us to halt and that we owed the Desert Stone Golem tax. Call this a stretch but his claims lacked style and validity. He informed us that most people would just run their caravans slightly off the road and go around him. Thats exactly what we started to do.

It looked like this tactic was going to work until Falconi muttered something to the guy that set him off. He said that he had had enough and with that he disappeared. The golem remained though and slowly turned around to start beating on Falconi. We or rather everyone else dispatched the creature quickly. I realized that my Kukri would not damage the golem and just cheered the others on as they worked their stuff.

Shortly after that distraction, we were in Oasis. We settled our loot which I couldn’t help but be interested in about four of the items. This cut down on my share significantly when I purchased the items from group treasure. I’m sure I’ll find some use for the items though, a girl can’t be too prepared can she? I say not. How many times have I found myself at an ultra formal event and needed to garotte someone? At least a couple times.

I have to speak with Xeno about getting in touch with one of the other groups under my employ which I wanted to purchase a magic item from. I’ve asked a couple of people from this group to accompany me there. We’ve thrown around some numbers and I’m interested to see where the chips will fall now.


Lin Journal - Deserted

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